The key to successful physical therapy is empowering individuals by teaching them how to help themselves.

What is physical therapy? My favorite definition is: "The restoration of painless, subconscious movement."

Before experiencing an injury or painful condition that alters your life, you likely never thought about how you moved. It's an easy thing to take for granted. Physical therapists are skilled professionals who have the expertise to help guide you towards the above goal. In addition, we are experts in identifying potential areas of concern before the onset of pain. Rehabilitate, restore, and relearn do not have to necessarily go in that order, but rather can be separate points of entry towards improved functional movement.

Our goal is not just to guide you out of pain; but it is also to help prevent you from getting into pain in the first place. 

Rehabilitate. Restore. Relearn. Resolve to function to the best of your abilities.

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