Do you take my insurance?  We work with most insurances. Please give us a call or send an e-mail to us for more information.

Can I be seen without a referral? New York state allows us to see you for 10 visits within 30 days without one. After that period you will have to get a referral to continue treatment.

What should I wear? We recommend that you wear loose comfortable clothing.

How often do I go to physical therapy? The frequency and duration of your physical therapy is based on the results of the initial evaluation and the prescription from your physician. 

What should I expect at my first visit? On your first visit, you will meet with your physical therapist who will evaluate your injury or condition. Your physical examination will consist of testing your: range of motion, strength, balance, neurological function, inflammation, pain levels, soft tissue and joint integrity, and endurance. Your Physical Therapist will develop the most effective treatment plan to diminish your pain and limitations. The goal: to help you resume your normal life activities.

How long is a therapy session? All evaluations are an hour.  Subsequent visits are determined based on your evaluation and needs, but will typically be from 30-60 minutes long.


Please print and bring the following forms to your first visit: