Movement as Medicine

I've decided to allot two 30-minute time slots to FREE assessments during my two days (one on Tuesdays/one on Thursdays) in my Garden City clinic.  So, if you or anyone you know has any nagging aches or pains that you'd like to have looked at, feel free to give me call.  You don't have to worry about seeing a doctor first or about dealing with your insurance.  Easy is the goal.

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When Can I Work Out Again?

Patients always want to know when they can return to their sport/activity/exercise routine.  I totally get that.  I would want a time table too.  But it's impossible to give definitive time lines.

One thing that I am always imparting on my patients is to take the long view.  A little bit of activity modification in the short term, while frustrating, will lead to long-term meaningful results. 

One must recognize that you can't just "push through the pain." Rather, modification is called for...

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