Movement as Medicine

This past Sunday as I was walking out of Orange Theory, someone asked me to take a look at her ankle.  She had rolled it the day prior during a Tough Mudder race.  I obliged and gave her a quick assessment, offering her some advice about how to treat her simple ankle sprain.  As I was doing so, someone else stopped and asked me to take a look at his knee.  After giving him some advice on his sprained lateral collateral ligament, another person asked me to take a look at her shoulder.

I love what I do for a living.  And I love trying to help people feel and move better.  I will never say no when asked for my opinion.

However, as I have written in the past about offering fly by advice regarding painful conditions, it can be a tricky thing.  For one, finding the root cause of pain beyond the actual inflamed tissue can take some time.  Many questions need to be asked, followed by a thorough movement screen and an objective physical examination.  This usually requires some testing of people on a plinth (medical table).  It can involve exposing skin so that a joint can be assessed.  It can involve asking people to walk, squat, get up from the floor, etc.   Therefore, doling out solid advice on the run isn't always easy.

I don't ever want my response to people seeking my advice to be, Make an appointment to come see me.  I don't want folks to think that I will only see them if I'm going to be compensated.  Many things can be assessed easily, with sound advice provided, in a five minute window.  But many cannot.  You deserve to have a thorough evaluation, not just a half-baked diagnosis.

As always, there's an answer to this dilemma.  And it involves a compromise (and offer).

I've decided to allot two 30-minute time slots to FREE assessments during my two days (one on Tuesdays/one on Thursdays) in my clinic.  This means that you'll have to come in to see me.  It doesn't mean that I want you to stop asking for advice.  Please, continue to ask away!  It just means that you'll get better advice by allowing me the proper time and space to best assess you.

So, if you or anyone you know has any nagging aches or pains that you'd like to have looked at, feel free to give me call.  You don't have to worry about seeing a doctor first or about dealing with your insurance.  Easy is the goal.

If interested, please contact us.  If you call, please be sure to alert Nancy, Pedro or Stephanie that you are seeking a FREE assessment so that you will be scheduled accordingly.