Interview With Nutritionist Cristina Rivera

Over the years, patients have asked me questions about nutrition. While I have some foundational knowledge regarding the topic, it is certainly not my forte. Whenever I feel that I cannot directly help someone, I want to be able to refer them to the proper expert. A recent inquiry spurred me to reach out to Cristina Rivera, with whom Resolution Physical Therapy shares a floor at 585 Stewart Avenue in Garden City, NY. Cristina was kind enough to agree to a brief interview with me, so that she can share her insights on several topics in her field.

Here are Ms. Rivera's credentials, as listed on her website

"President of Nutrition In Motion PC, Cristina Rivera is a Registered Dietitian as well as a Board Certified Sports Nutritionist. Her clinical work at NYU Hospital of Joint Diseases, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, as well as Bellevue Hospital has given her a diverse and skilled background in medical nutrition therapy.

As a certified specialist in sports dietetics, Cristina has worked with various college and high school sports teams to design specific meal plans for athletes during training season and competition days as well as for the off season. In addition, she has served as a consulting Sports Nutritionist for the New York University athletic department and currently consults for the Coca-Cola Company. Cristina has been featured in Shape Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, Time Magazine, Women’s Running Magazine, Women’s Day, and on NBC and"

I hope you enjoy!